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Not as bad as being an assclown but worse than being an asshat.
You made out with my sister? Assfish!!
by SlyVenom September 29, 2003
Used by Hammyrabi and friends as a general exclamation or greeting. It can generally mean anything from insulting, complimenting, meditative, or angry. It is a reference to another world in which such creatures (part ass and fish) could very well exist, i.e. the assfish challenges us to think about our surroundings and what we do.
1. Jimothy: Hey man, what be goin' on.

Hammyrabi: Assfish, my brother. Assfish.

2. The car's not starting.

by Rev. Hammyrabi Funktastical June 21, 2009
Someone who flees from all responsibility, often citing the shortcomings of others as a reason to perpetuate incompetence. May be identified by resonant, nausea inducing phone greetings and vocabulary of an old time knight.
Oh man...the assfish is destroying stall number 2 again.
by Falling Down March 20, 2015
Ass Fish (or "fishing") is An anal sex move used by homosexuals, where you would put your penis in your partners ass followed by both hands on either side of your penis, meanwhile wiggling your fingers around and making "Bubble noises" to resemble a fish.

Note: Heterosexuals can use this move too during anal sex.
Ricky and James did the Ass Fish last night.

"Would you like to go fishing with me" Asked James to Ricky.
by Colbster June 12, 2007
1. Someone inebriated whose proceeds to make fish faces at other people.

2. A person who happens to plant their face into a fish tank and scare off fish. Or anyone who is scary for that matter.

3. Any adult who happens to own a fish themed comforter set and ends up with their friends face buried in the place their ass might be if they were sleeping.
1. Man, that guy at the bar is such an assfish.

2. Don't go and assfish off those people, they are valued customers.

3. Look, that guy is doing the assfish!
by Pntbchhs July 12, 2010
The word was derived in Greenland on a school trip, when Tim said that the dish served for dinner was 'assfish'. It is now used (rarely) as a very mildly derogatory term as a general insult.
Get out of my house you assfish!
by Thom182 June 03, 2006
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