a balding history teacher who has an ass for a face and can talk constantly about a single subject for hours, boring her class to death
"Mrs. Smith looks just like an assface!"
by DUEEEEejfslkdfr;lksjdl November 18, 2006
Someone who's face looks like an ass
Shut up, assface.....oh, and by the way, Happy Mothers Day...... Assface
by Yournamey Macgee December 04, 2002
When a person's face looks like a fucking ass
Yo your face looks like an Ass face, you should get that fixed, cause your making me sick
by Punkrock Mike January 21, 2008
your face looks like an ass
your face REALLY looks like an ass, makin you an assface
by Bob Thornby October 03, 2006
Amber in my neighborhood. she is ugly as hell. I would still get another hand job from her
Amber is a dirty cum suckin ass face
by NickKar402 September 04, 2003
a burn victim who's face gets burned and they have to put his ass skin on his face
that dude's an assface
by Jay May 10, 2003
Possessing the facial qualities of an ugly man's ass.
One who resembles Tony Blair on television.
After my cousin got mutilated in a car accident, he's gotten a real assface.
by Big Bob March 20, 2003

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