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A frozen dinner that, when nuked, smells like ass.
"Dude, what's he cooking for lunch, an asserole??"

"Yeah, I don't know how he eats that crap!"
by foosau May 25, 2005
What you call a casserole after you ass has been on it.
why does that casserole have an indent in it?

haha, dude that's no casserole... that's an asserole.
by apersonnotarobot July 23, 2009
A big crap or load of diarrhea. Mainly occurs soon after eating a big meal and may contain strange combinations of identifiable chunks of food as is with a casserole. Props to Lumpy.
Man, after eating that #1 from Burrito King, I gotta go make an asserole.
by E-cubed April 24, 2007

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