1) A candle that could be held in ones arse - normally for some odd sexual fantasy involving melted wax

2) A candle stuck in someones arse to factilitate the lighting of said persons fart

3) The most common use of ass candle - An insult for some idiotic person who needs a right good putting down much like "douche bag", 'ass candle' is one of the greatest put downs
1) *dominatrix*: "ooh yer baby i love that ass candle"
*Guy*: "Glad u like but fuck me this shit burns u freak show"

2)*Guy 1*: "Man lucky u used that ass candle that blower would have emptied the whole place"

*Guy 2*: "Haha yer shit my trousers are on fire"

3)*man crashes car into another mans bentley*
by duncsway May 02, 2007
Top Definition
A candle, inserted rectally.
Smell this asscandle!
by Asshat Supreme May 11, 2003
Normally referring to an individual with homosexual tendancies, who has a history of cheating on his fiance
Ash, you cheated on your fiance, you fucking asscandle
by Victor February 24, 2005
Ignition of the inner anus caused by methane gas, and a struck match.
My house is decorated with asscandles.
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 12, 2003
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