The name that many siblings of those with Asperger's Syndrom give to the disorder.

What a small child calls himself when he has just been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrom.

An amusing mispronunciation of Asperger's syndrom.
(The doctor has just explained Asperger's syndrom to a young boy. While walking int he hallway he sees anotehr little boy who won't make eye contact with anyone and seems to be staring out into space.)

Boy : That's one of them Assburger kids, isn't it?


Girl : I know my brother has Asperger's syndrom, but he is such an Assburger sometimes.
by carebear12345 September 18, 2009
Assburgers is a fictitious disease which usually affects delusional script kiddies on a global scale. Assburger candidates have usually committed cyber related crimes and upon being arrested claim assburgers as an escape mechanism. This escape mechanism usually fails.
FBI Agent: "You're under arrest for unauthorized computer access..." Anonytard: "I haz assburgers!"
by secdouchebag July 20, 2011
The common, incorrect NT pronounciation of the autism spectrum disorder Asperger's.

Most people who says ass burgers (fake) don't have a clue about the spelling or the actual condition of Asperger's (real), and many would rather stay that way.

It's a shame, because any idiot can have Ass Burgers, but it takes a selected few from the population to have Asperger's
Fred is ignorant idiot and has Ass Burgers. Thomas is a geeky but gifted genius with Asperger's
by Layla87 September 30, 2011
Similar to ass log but the only difference is it comes out in patties instead of log form.
You should see that Ass Burger that horse dropped on the street!
by Cecelia Louise February 27, 2015
Pertaining to the sight that men who sit in the front row of an exotic dance club have.
"Hey Joe do you want to grab couple cold beers and enjoy some assburgers while we're at it.
by rondolais November 29, 2011
A hamburger or cheeseburger that is nasty enough to appear as if its meat came from an unknown creature's ass. Any school cafeteria is likely to serve assburgers. These horribly disgusting specimens of food can only exist in America, the only country in which there is a high enough concentration of disgusting people to eat them.
Oh God, I forgot my lunch and there's nothing to buy but assburgers.... I think I'll just not eat.
by The Agent of Randomness June 20, 2011
Usually mistaken for the Asperger's Syndrome, Assburgers usually happens when somebody forgets to wipe the anal area after defication in the toilet commode bowl. Sometimes the feces is stuck between the two buttock cheeks or buns, hence the term assburgers.
The kid had a bad case of assburgers, so his mom had to wash his underpants every night.
by Hugh Brough-Kitt March 03, 2011

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