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any numerous types of improvised games with a ball. Could include swatting at a rubber ball between two people, or kicking a volleyball around in a dorm room.
Much more fun than organized ball games
we had to stop playing assball cause the tv got hit and shattered.

I sometimes like to wear one of those leather biker gloves when i play assball.
by QBall® March 09, 2003
a game that is made up in teenager's basements... all you need is a ball that bounces and shit to break.

can be kicked, thrown, paddled, etc between two people. the smaller the room, the better.
Jimmy put a huge fucking hole in my wall last time we played assball.
by QBall June 21, 2004
Fecal remnants sticking to pubic hairs around anus; dingleberries; a general exclaimation of negativity.
Make sure you don't have any assballs before wearing my boxers.

This sucks assballs!
by LindsayLu September 22, 2004
When you're walking or something and your balls work their way so they're right underneath your ass. If someone looked at it from behind, you could see them just dangling there.

Also a very fun word to use to replace the nouns in a story.
I got a wicked case of assballs from all that walking we did.
by xyamakunx May 14, 2010
"Dude's got ass balls,… he let his diet go to shit, now he's getting all inflamed here and there. Ouch"
by dfoinb September 20, 2014
when one farts, then cups it into a ball in their hand and throws it.
zach: (sniffs) EWW do you smell that?
dennis: yes i just threw Ass balls at your face how does it smell?
zach: just dandy!
by bigdickdenny November 13, 2009
when your balls look like ass
damn! you got some ass-balls
by the guy that bangs yo mom August 19, 2009
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