to insert one's unprotected penis (usu. right before consensual, protected coitus) into a sex partner's orifice for a few moments before withdrawing it, putting on a condom and then continuing the sex act to orgasm.
Diego started to assange me last night, but I smacked the back of his head and he put a condom on.
by Ninjastar7 January 16, 2011
To publicly expose against the subject’s wishes.
“When the magazine assanged embarrassing instant messages from Mark Zuckerberg’s college years, his motives for creating Facebook were called into question.”
by greatislander December 22, 2010
1. to assault a person or entity using information
2. to reveal the secrets of a person or entity
Oh, you're breaking up with me? I'm totally going to assange you on Facebook.
by JamponyForever December 01, 2010
Assange (v.) - To cross the wrong people and pay the price.
The informant assanged the Russians; he was later found dead in a bathtub.
by realamurican November 30, 2010
(v) To assange means to rape. Related: assanged, assangist, assange them bitches.
Don't walk down that dark lane - you might get assanged.
by the condom wikileaked December 23, 2010
1)Extreme betrayal, insult, rape, or dehumanization.
2)Betraying a confidence.
3)Giving away a sensitive secret.
You will pay for this assange with your life!
by beaverfan9 November 30, 2010

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