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(v). To open a drink.
"Here, let me assange that beer for you."
by Ulupna January 19, 2012
(v). To seek the affections of; woo.
"Don't assange that girl, she is nasty."
by Ulupna January 19, 2012
(v). To take (a liquid) into the mouth and swallow.
"I just assanged the fuck out of that beer.
by Ulupna January 19, 2012
(n). A form of rash that develops following the waxing of body hair.
"I've got the this assange across my chest after my wax yesterday."
by Ulupna January 19, 2012
To treat yourself to an unauthorised second helping of something previously offered willingly.

Named in honour of Julian Assange.
"What happened to my six pack of beers? I said you could have one, you've Assanged yourself to the rest"
by YerMan September 14, 2012
(v). To walk whilst holding a glass of wine.
"I assanged at a 45 degree angle accross the grass."
by Ulupna January 19, 2012
To engage in coitus using a condom, and to then openly leak into your partner once that condom has broken.
Everything was going well until I was imprudently assanged.
by Dr.Transparent December 14, 2010