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african throwing spear, seen in almost every film about africa shot during the years of colonial rule, usually in the hands of some "bloodthirsty savages", there's about a thousand of em in "Zulu" (1964).

originates from the Berber: zaġāya, Old French: azagaie, Old Spanish: azagaya, Arabic: az-zaġāyah.

The assagai was also one of the teams in wip3out, easily the coolest in the game, a real quick and agile little ship, but had crappy shields so it would often explode.

assagai also refers to a south african prog-rock band active in the 1970s, they did this song "cocoa", it's quite nice.
colonial oppressor - "i say, one of those bloodthirsty savages just threw a stick at me!!"
bloodthirsty savage - "it's an assagai you pale skinned fool! and you should probably get that seen to"

concerned parent - "go to bed, its 5am"
tired kid with bloodshot eyes - "NO NO NO!! i just gotta unlock the assagai!!"

guy with good taste in music - "assagai are cool, effortless cool"
by massif101 February 05, 2010
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