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Being subjected to the odor of a horrific fart in very close quarters.

For the love of God, open that window before we’re all ass-phyxiated!
by MoLo36 April 22, 2009

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When a fat chick sits on a mans face during intercourse for pleasure of the man, and accidentally killing and suffocating the male with her massive backside.
Lary:Sad to hear that Jerry passed away.
Mike: HAH! You think so? I think he deserved it!

Lary: Ha true! That man was Assphyxiated!
Mike: That's putting it mildly! Rumor has it that the Fat Chick choked on a ho ho while sitting on Jerry's face.
Lary: To much a$$ and not enough air, what a shame.
by Johnny Davison March 02, 2010