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A fake nigga dat just aint bout shit..
You: Dat fool keep lookin over here ima bust his head.

Me: Fuck Dat Fool That Nigga, He Ass Wax Dog.
the poop that remains in the ass cheeks after wiping and or accidentally sharrting without know.
today i was in a hurry and when i pooped i forgot to wipe so there was ass wax left over or
dude i must have sharted cause there some ass wax left back there.
by buddha_212 October 24, 2008
A lubricant used when waxing that ass
You: Man Showanda's ass is so tight and dry, but I really want to wax that ass.

Him: Man you need some ass wax
by Big Mike-izzle August 15, 2006
using a hot ass to wax the hood of a Trans Am.
Throwing Tina down on the hood of a Trans Am,aND WAXING HER ASS.
by eddie September 29, 2003
u ass wax
by JD July 09, 2003