An asswagon is a person in a wheelchair. It can be said that their ass moves by wagon.
Stephen Hawking is funnier than Anne Frank because he is an asswagon.
by Adolph Goatse April 13, 2003
Top Definition
The sort of person who would hack into a website, delete half the files, and laugh when the owner of the site returned in the morning.
Shite! My site got delketed by asswagons again!
by hay thear October 17, 2003
an ass so draggin

it must be lifted with a wagon
Crystals fat ass is so disturbing.
I think she is two big macs away from a full fledged ass wagon.
by Dracomister7 January 15, 2010
a rickshaw; Chinese transportation device drawn by human power. Many modern day cars known by the slang term "rice burner" can also be referenced by this term.
"If that friggin' douchebag keeps driving his silly little asswagon up and down this street at 100mph,I swear to god, I'm gonna fucking shoot'em!"
by talking goat June 23, 2003
A complex insult in which you are referring to a douchebag or cunt who shall now and otherwise be known as an asswagon. The person in question is an ass and has the combined intelligence of a ass and wagon thus are an asswagon.
Person 1: 2+2 is fish. Person 2: You asswagon you are so dumb your ass couldn't outsmart that wagon. Why don't you do something useful with your life and go Thailand and make Nike Products with preteen Asians.
by CosmicOstrich October 14, 2014
A vehicle used for transporting slutty girls. Can be used as an insult by indicating that the person in question belongs on an ass wagon.
"You're calling me a slut? Girl you're the one that rides the ass wagon all the time!"
by ShoeFullOfBailles October 14, 2014
A vehicle driven by someone who has no concern for other vehicles or for the rules of the road.
That asswagon just cut me off!
by with_a_K July 26, 2011
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