After any activity that would expand the anal cavity, such as anal sex, if on pushees his or her sphincter, part of the anal tissue will come out of the rectum. It is given this name because it when extended it looks like a tulip.
"You should have seen the tulips on Nate after last night."
by copernicus p. alfonz July 22, 2003
Top Definition
noun - a lighthearted name for the medical condition known as a rectal prolapse. This condition is marked by the extrusion of one's rectal walls through the anus.
If you let that dolphin do you in the butt, you may well develop an ass tulip.
by strindberg March 18, 2003
Ass Tulip is a slang term used to refer to a condition where the rectum is pulled during anal sex due to a variety of factors including insufficient lubrication and a larger than average diameter penis.
After this Dutch chick begged me do her in the ass, she had a pink sock hanging from her ass that resembled an Ass Tulip. Can you imagine a whole bouquet of pink ass tulips in a pretty floral arrangement for Mother's Day or something like that?
by Wayne Forgel September 18, 2006
After hard anal action abit of the rectum popps out
Janitor fucked the shit out of Alex rectum, oh shit when he took out his penis you could really see the asstulip blooming out from Alex anal.
by Jannetor March 26, 2009
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