The process of a mans penis entering the ass holey, and when horny settled in the mouth. No clean in between.
Jon put his penis into their ass. Later on he put it in their clean in between. wow, said Jon, loved the ass to mouth.
by CawnishLad March 24, 2012
The sexual position in which one of the participants "The Giver" preforms analinguis or a "Rim-Job" on the other partner "The Reciever". This can include but is not limited to the penetration of the anus with the tounge and even the consumption of some amount of fecal matter.
Mike: Yo man did you hear about Marie and Troy?

Ryan: That weird nerdy couple? No what happened?

Mike: Troy finally convinced her to let him go down on her, and she freaked out because he gave her ass-to-mouth! Isn't that sick?

Ryan: I dunno, to me thats kinda hot...

by MissMoonica September 18, 2012
One of the common types of sex in pornography is the Ass To Mouth (or ATM/A2M) in which the man removes his penis from a slut's anus and, without cleaning it, places it in her mouth or the mouth of another slut. The cleaning of the penis is excluded for the sake of increased sexual excitement. Pleasure (for the man and the audience) that comes from knowing that the slut is injesting fecal matter (present on the penis in a quantity so small as to almost always be invisible to the naked eye) which is unhygienic. When she does this, the female is expressing disregard for her own health and accepting the implicit imposition of the idea that her well-being is of no great concern anyway.

The female who performs an A2M on camera is a highly-evolved slut, fully conscious of her role/purpose and willing to give her body over as a tool for male sexual gratification. In her quest for a great orgasm of her own the slut may, or may not, derive sexual pleasure from doing things that are considered taboo. While some sluts are aroused precisely because of the taboos associated with playing with the anus, others truly delight in the experience of stimulating or being stimulated anally.

Ass To Mouth is a mainstay of porn where men are depicted as dominating/degrading the whores for the erotic pleasure of the (mostly) male audience. The appeal is that the sex is bad & shameful and the girl is dirty & nasty for doing it. Which is what truly great pornography is all about.
Jamming a few fingers in her ass to get it stretched out a bit, Ben pummels her asshole in some great anal action. Her ass gaping and her heart racing, Liv rides his meaty dick before taking it back in her mouth. After some good ass to mouth action, she takes it back in her asshole before he gives her a health dose of cum in her mouth.
by Dexter Day May 29, 2010
When a black guy pulls his cock out of a white guy's anus and puts his cock into the white guy's mouth and says "Yeah take it bitch" and unloads in his face. Usually the white guy is from Hollywood FL and lives off of 40th street.
Did you see that gay video? Mike did some ass-to-mouth in that one, gross!
by sanchezzzzzz June 18, 2010
Made famous by "Clerks Two"
The act of one person getting anal and than that person sucks the cock so they get the load without washing the cock before hand.
You never go ass to mouth!
Lets ask her...Have you ever gone ask to mouth?
Moments pass....
Don't tell Randal, but one time I went ass to mouth...
I knew it!
by MacKeag February 09, 2007
something you never do, even if the chick is really, really hott.
you never go ass to mouth....
by valentinemarie December 20, 2006
Cleaning your junk off after some good anal
I was hammering away on my girlfriends ass, and then she did a little ass to mouth action, I think I'll put a ring on that finger
by Taylor February 28, 2005

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