Sweating profusely to the point it runs down your back and into your ass crack producing a foul odored sticky mess in your undershorts.
Damn it's hot out today! So bad I had a case of ass soup as I walked to the store.
by ass cracka June 07, 2011
Top Definition
Diarrhea with little chunks of food in it. See mud butt.
I went into the stall at the public restroom and someone had left behind their ass soup.
by toast455 June 22, 2005
The Correct way to use the word "ASS SOUP" is to describe a place full of hot chicks, babes, hotties, hoes,squirrels or clams.
1." Dude. I went to the mall and it was ASS SOUP! "

by RICHARD ALVARADO February 01, 2008
Sitting in your own filth, taking a bath. Used bathwater.
"At least drain your ass soup out of the tub when you're done."
by the barracuda January 08, 2008
A disgusting smell that lingers in an area that resembles the smell of sticking your nose in someone ass crack.
When Chad got up the chair smelt like Ass Soup
by vansus September 26, 2007

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