When a faggot has sex without any lube, really jamming it in there, and then pulls out before cumming, therefor causing the inside of the asshole to come out with the penis.
I forgot lube the other day, so when I pulled out, there was an Ass Sack
by P@r/\/\13 November 05, 2013
Top Definition
A sack-baggy of drugs stuck up ones ass for conveyance (ex. into a penal facility, through airport or seaport security.)Also done to prevent discovery by police.
WORK RELEASE INMATE 1: "why you so boogered up homie?"

WORK RELEASE INMATE 2: "cause i had this ass sack of blow nigga"
by JIMMY WAYNE May 06, 2008
When there is a ballsack hanging from someone's ass
When Tommy mooned me i swear on my life he had an ass sack!
by Captain Cunt August 29, 2009
This happens on a faggot when they have alot of sex in the ass the asshole itself starts to sag. This creates an ass sack. Elton John has one of these as does Bill Gates.
Damn it Elton I told you not so hard now I have to tuck in my ass sack.
by Chaos July 21, 2003
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