(1) one who keeps a lot of booty in the stables. (2) a "pimp" in the metrosexual sence. (3) someone who dates a lot and never takes anyone to market.
"That is the fifth guy I have seen him with tonight...What an Assrancher.
by D-Dirty Buckshot June 05, 2007
Top Definition
a. one who ranches asses
b. jolly ranchers that have been sat on by one's own ass
a. The field of ass ranching is a very profitable one.

b. One day I wasn't paying attention and sat my ass on a jolly rancher. Now it's an ass rancher.
by snibey September 06, 2011
1. Another word for pimp or one who uses human collateral either for sex or non-sexual favors in return for money.

2. Any one (possibly 2) individuals in a group of same or opposite sex 'friends' (EG: Girl in a mantourage) that seem to be the center of the groups' affections.

3. Any same sex partner who is participating in multiple, intimate relationships.
1. "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas - now tell me where I can find the local Ass Rancher!"

2. "Look at all of those guys fawning all over her - she's quite the Ass Rancher!"

3. "I dumped him after I found out he was such an Ass Rancher!"
by Paradox Smith February 16, 2007
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