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to make love to a pirate's ass
Arh.. gimme another flying asspirate
by penguin October 27, 2002
An asspirate is usually decribed as a gay male that likes other males. An asspirate can be vividly described as follows. He is a gay man that is bald wearing a pirate hat with instead of a skull and cross bones, it has a crossed dildo and scrotum sack. This asspirate stands ontop of the background butts in the music video "I Like Big Butts" by Sir Mixalot. Here the asspirate with his hat, gay pink bandana, parrot, and ass grabbing hook he stands untop of these butts until it is time to plunge into them. That is asspirate as best and to the most I would like to describe.
The bald-headed gay wrestler became and asspirate after raping a poor new wrestler in the locker room.
by USMC-IceSoldier July 14, 2003