an insult implying the individual is gay
to steal or bang ass
Jim-"ARG there be the booty i be wantin to score"
Chris"Damn it Jim you're such an ass pirate"
by England June 04, 2005
Someone, almost always a male, who has a masterfull command of another individual's, also almost always a male, buttocks
Person 1:Man, Jerry is such an asspirate.
Person 2: Yeah, he really owns your ass
by Mr.Grammar May 24, 2003
Derogatory term for a male who feels a sense of conquest from engaging in intercourse with other males.
Brett you ass-pirate!
by Billy Ray August 30, 2005
As early pirates were motivated by pieces of eight, these modern day pirates are dominated by dreams of pieces-o-ass. The ass pirate is so obsessed that what is common sense to the intelligent person escapes them entirely.
The ass pirate had no idea what the triangular sign with the word "YEILD" meant.
by Drew Bryden April 29, 2003
One who steals booty belonging to the same sex.
by alan partridge January 19, 2003
1. One who commandeers a crew to explore undiscovered asshole and surrounding regions of the anal cavity and pillage any nearby ships that are abundant in rich, exquisite ass. Also skilled in the activity of illegal trade of stolen ass or booty. Favorite activities among these vicious scoundrels include the popular sport of penis fencing and polishing the captain's wooden plank.

2. One who has an obsession with asshole of some sort.
ARRRR! AHOY MATIES! Come, we have a long journey ahead of us. We must capture Captain Seaman's lost treasure of tropical arse! ARRR!

Captain! I believe we can't sail through the Storm of Diarrhea. We must sail west, otherwise we ass pirates may not live to see the light!

LAND HO! I see it! Over there! Those two hills that are very close to each other! ARRR! Alas, we have made it lads, we have found the arse we set sail to discover! I be proud of being an ass pirate! ARRR!!

Nathanial: Come on babe. Let me insert my corn on the cob into your fudge tunnel of love.
Jocelyn: No! Just fuck my pussy. I don't like it up the butt.
Nathanial: Please! I beg you. I just have a preference for tight spaces.
Jocelyn: That's it! I have had it. All you ever do is have butt sex with me. You never want my juicy pussy. We are finished! Nathanial, you truly are an ass pirate!
by bigmelon June 16, 2008
One who pillages and plunders the unexplored crevices of the ass.
*insert name here* is a flaming ass pirate!
by MizMaverick September 30, 2002

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