Slang for over-steer. The car will be turning and then its ass will give out, or, it will ass out.
"My fucking SS Impala assed out on Wilshire and Fairfaix when I was taking a turn at 70 mph, WTF!?"
by Sly Magoo October 01, 2003
To act like a complete dumbass.
"You're ass out."
by teh cass February 23, 2003
to weaken or diminish in intensity or magnitude
After blowing from the southwest at 20 knots all morning, the breeze assed out at noon resulting in the abandonment of the race.
by gk April 26, 2004
when you're all trying to stay up all night drinking and one of your friends goes to bed.
Dude, don't ass out, you're such a pussy.
by mama March 23, 2004
when a girl likes it up the ass
man, that whore was leading with her ass out
by tracey barker, t bark May 29, 2003

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