synonym for butt kisser, usually refers to sleeping with the boss
James got promoted cause he's such an ass licker!
by the hott one May 29, 2005
ass licker is a person or thing that licks any kind of ass hawt ugly hairy black u name it, when a person or thing is licking asses they also tend to to go inside the asshole n lick it right through
friend says to jay jay" i have some chocolate left over from the toilet want some"
jay jay says"yerr y not i guess its better den my mums digag"

in this case jay jay is the ass licker :)
by saharrx October 31, 2009
Our rectum-slurping,hemmhoroid gobbling,
feces munching president Shitbush
Boy,I can't believe there's such an asslicker in the White House!
by Ira Newman August 14, 2005
1) Someone willing to lick the inside of the buttocks. Yeah, the hole.

2) A sycophant.
Hey ass licker, come lick me out

threnody isn't cool, you're such an ass licker.
by Gumba Gumba March 03, 2004
brown noser
ted was promoted because hes an ass licker!!
by 8===D(_O_) April 28, 2003
Somebody who behaves like an idiot; a pervert.
That guy is such an ass licker!
by Pang Mu April 08, 2003
Asslicker: Derives from the latin word: "Gayus" they are often obsessed with licking ass and often forget that they are gay. Also a white person trying to be black eg: "look at that guy over there, He is such a asslicker!" "I know yeah, He looks like eminem, what a asslicker"
Also teachers pets. Or a word to bag people with/undercover cops
Gay Guy:"Stop Protesting Gay Marriage!"
Nathan:"Shutup Asslicker"

Asslicker:"Yo yo yo yo im black and proud! Im a homie G Nigga!"
Nathan: "Shut the fuck up you stupid asslicker"

Girl with apple:"Here you go teacher! I wub you!"
Nathan:"Stop licking ass, you asslicking piece of shit your just a asslicker your so far up your teachers ass you got shit on your tongue asslicker!"
Teacher:"Yeah you asslicker stupid bitch your apples are shit"

Nathan:"hahah look at that asslicker over there, he drives a cop car what a asslicker!"
by Nathan From Werribee August 26, 2008

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