1.The exaggerated shit sauce that spews from a true asshole's mouth. Usually he is your best friend when he's not drunk and talking.
2.Broken sentences coming from a non-english speaking citizen.
go shoot your assgravy at someone else, i am busy now.
by RAGEMASTER LTB October 03, 2010
Top Definition
When you eat out or lick someones ass.
Before going to town on Jenny, Tom had him some ass gravy.

Im going to go home and have me a big bowl of ass gravy.
by xgxrockx December 22, 2009
Light brown thick steaming chunks of diarrhea spew that when spattered all over the toilet, looks like gravy from a Thanksgiving dinner table. Also look at buttgravy
Ted was on my toilet for hours and didn't even bother to clean his assgravy off of it.
by Geriko1 August 01, 2006
Ass Gravy is the liquid shit that shoots outta your ass after a nice Mexican (or any foreign or unsettling) feast. Most people can feel when its gonna be Ass Gravy or regular fecies.

Symptoms are:
Bubble Guts, Weird stomach cramps, and an abnormal amount of stinky ass funk.

Ass Gravy is mostly diarhea with an occasional Turd nugget.
That new resteraunt did not settle well with me, the stinky "ASS GRAVY" keeps comin.
by WH1TE J3SUS June 09, 2011
Resultant of a hard days work, when one unfortunately has Bumhole Toffee and has been sweating due to the extreme heat, the Bumhole Toffee liquifies to an extent and oozes like gravy around the nipsy.
Man "Sorry about the awful smell dear, my Bumhole Toffee has melted 'coz of all the work i've been doing today."
Woman "So you have Ass Gravy, you disgusting sod!"
by nanaki13 June 26, 2009
Consisting of fully and partially digested Fecal material, can be of watery
consistency. Found within the rectum and on the anus if one is not up to par with personal cleansing. Ass gravy can also be found in sewage pipes as a smelly gray residue.
Can be used as a pick up line, for example:

Hey baby, mind if i stir your ass gravy?

In a sentence:

I fixed the toilet and got ass gravy all over my hands!
by bierhaus April 07, 2009
When, after eating, an individual has an abnormal increase in the frequency and liquidity of your stools, or simply Diarrhea. Diarrhea is most commonly caused by eating dairy products or other offending foods. Some of the symptoms are bloating, gas, cramps, loose stools. Ass Gravy!!!
"Ohhh, Son of a bitch, that burrito gave me Ass Gravy"
by Peackle April 09, 2006

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