French Fries with the ridges on them that taste like ass and came be found at your local college cafetorium.
"Oh Man Ass-Fries for dinner again, wtf"
by danno November 22, 2004
Top Definition
The order of french fries consisting of the remains of a once proud batch. This order has the short, burned, crisped-solid, or fingernail like french fries. Fast food workers often try to compensate for ass fries by sheer volume of fries. May lead to depression or recipient becoming punchy.
Ricky's cheerful attitude took a turn for the worse after seeing a box of ass fries next to his cheeseburger.
by Pac_Eddy May 01, 2009
someone who wipes their ass and doesnt wash their hands and touches random objects (such as walls or stairway rails) and some one else touches those objects and eats fries without cleaning their hands hence making those fries ass fries
Matt: Cherie you do realize you're eating ass fries cuz you touched that railing?
Cherie: I dont care!
Matt: All right I just wanted to let you know.
by Yacoob October 26, 2008
Ass fries are when you have such bad diarrhea that your shit come out yellow & shaped like fries. Top it with a little blood & you got yourself some ketchup & fries!
Dude, I was shitting ass fries this morning. It hurt badddd.
by weedless bitches January 27, 2009
It is a starch substance with a dairy product toping that comes from a 50 gallon barrel that is found at your local college cafetorium.
I ate some ass-fries at the cafeteria and I couldn't shit for a week.
by leonardo December 02, 2004
The act of wiping a fry down the crack of one's ass and proceeding to eat it
"Why does Rob have that fry down the back of his pants?"
"He's making ass fries..."
by JulieBean April 19, 2006
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