A self-important, but really insignificant, noisy, persistent asshole whose job is to bother you.
That freakish assfinch at starbucks kept asking me questions about my f-ing latte like he's trying to paint the sistene chapel.
#asshole #douchebag #douchie #douchefag #gaytarded #tardbasket
by cneg February 14, 2007
Top Definition
Someone really annoying. Weasel-like, pushy, obnoxious.
Annoyed guy: "God, this guy who works in the cubicle next to mine just ratted me out to my boss when I showed up a little late."

Sympathetic friend: "What an ass finch!"
#turd bucket #asshole #cunt rag #douchebag #fart knocker #assfinch
by rheabatz October 14, 2011
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