Visible accumulated refuse like dead skin and taint hair which is found on public toilet seats.
"We need to go to a different rest stop, every toilet here is soaked in piss and covered in ass dandruff."
by HiDef March 20, 2012
Top Definition
The nasty dust, skin, hair, and sometimes unidentifiable debris that are found in the crevices of a heavily used chair or couch.
Oh! Dude, it was so nasty! My pen fell in between the cushions on the couch in the lounge today and I couldn't get past all the ass dandruff to get it out.
by SamEureka August 19, 2011
Suspicious looking flakes of skin left on the toilet seat after a good clearout.
who's left half a pound of ass dandruff on the seat in trap 2 again!
by Carolline May 28, 2006
The microscopic skin flakes of ass, scrotum and taint dispersed when an individual removes his drawls. Usually found on toilet seats.
I had to wipe the toilet seat twice because the guy before me dropped so much ass dandruff.

I was going down on the guy and when he pulled off his boxers all his ass dandruff flew into the air.
by Jt-NYC May 15, 2014
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