A small piece of poo clinging to the ass or the Underweare/Pants...

Often refereed to as a Dingle Berry
Jay's Got Ass Crumbs
by Raven2099 May 14, 2008
Top Definition
It is when a person does not take a shower for a few days and has taken a few dumps and leaves dried pieces of shit behind on the toilet bowl
I went to take a dump and some nasty fucker left ass crumbs on the toilet bowl seat
by Carl Hard October 17, 2008
a really dumbass person. ie, an unemployed male that gets all the really good looking women.
Damn, look at that women...she is hot as fire...and with a fucken ass crumb.
by John Buzan November 28, 2007
The matter left behind on the toilet seat from a previous person. Weather it's.... s**t, hair,sweat, anything with pigment. (Usually men). Any type of matter that provokes you to clean and or sanitize the damn thing prior to use. It F**king DISCUSTING , not to mention RUDE.
--"What's wrong honey?"
- "Someone left Ass Crumb's on the seat again"
- "So discussing"! (cringe)
by KyCalli September 21, 2015

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