chips that make your breath smell like ass
"What smells like ass?" --Gina
"I just ate some onion and garlic chips." --Jaclyn
"Ew stop eating asschips." --Gina
by charles de gaulle June 23, 2007
Top Definition
Chips that take like somebody's butt.
Your breath smells like you just ate some ass chips.
by Black_Spade June 17, 2008
Frito Lay Sabritones puffed wheat snacks, chile lime flavored. It smells like ass when you open the bag, but they are delicious!
Mom: "Look, I bought some ass chips"
Daughter: "Get ready for stanky!"
by Dogger78 May 05, 2010
chips that emit an extremely potent stench that often leads to stanky breath for weeks
You might want to keep your distance from Edward this month because he ate some ass chips a few days ago.
by Mr. Spicoli April 26, 2007
1: When one's turd is squeezed out to the point it would resemble a thin piece of wood-bark

the word's primary purpose is used to insult.
Pass the grass, asschip!!
by nurvus May 07, 2005
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