a mohawk. a hairstlye mostly worn by "punk" kids who want to be "different" or whose parents didnt hug them enough when they were children. its a shaved head with a long strip of hair that goes down the center and is spiked out. Just the perfect shape to brush an ass
Travis Barker and his poor infant sport father son ass brushes
by gurlie June 06, 2005
Top Definition
When you take a toothbrush or other brushing instrument to your anus to releave itching or for recreation. commonly used like a toothbrush over the anus. can be used in circular, horizontal, and vertical brushing movements
"Dude my ass was itching last night so i took a toothbrush to it and started ass brushing. I must say it feels good man."
by vf pedro July 06, 2008
A concept that involves cleaning your anus with a tooth brush. comes with the slogan "Feels good man" New 4chan Meme
Assbrushing... Feels good man
by Kazinn July 10, 2008
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