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see "dingle berry"
I thought I wiped pretty good, but dang if I didn't have an ass-booger or two left-over!
by bait April 01, 2004
A crap/shit/fecies/poop.
Man, I've got an ass booger that's been waiting to get out since 9 AM, I don't think I can clench it in anymore.
by Sir Kinky Doodle April 26, 2010
Used by Matt Stiffler on American Pie-Bandcamp, the movie.

Used as- An insult.
"Jesus Christ Holli you fucking ASSBOOGER!"
"That kid dakota is a damn assbooger"
by Stevie V March 15, 2006
Did you hear what ass booger did this weekend?
Yea! he took his svt contour and hit vtak yo!
by SLEEPYDUB October 07, 2008