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One who is flawless in anal penetration. Ass blasters can sucessfully preform anal without the dreaded poo-stains.
Yo thug, ima be ass blaster certified tonight.
by brandon and zach July 08, 2004
The president of the United States, George Bush.
Whoah! That "ass blaster" sure can dump a load on Iraqi soil!
by Barbara Bush's Vagina September 26, 2006
One who blasts ass, also must be a Canadian. Derogatory.
Man, that Canadian assblaster keeps misspelling things.
by YDNAANDY May 16, 2009
A guy who blows his load into a girls ass.
Peter North was a real Ass Blaster in his latest porno.
by ChewyAnimal July 03, 2009
Where a man or woman bends over, while the other person gets on their knees behind them with safety glasses on and prepares for the worst. Then the man or woman blasts a big deuce into the others face.
Troy bent over and assblasted Sarahs precious innocent face. Giving her a very memorable Assblaster.
by Sarah the innocent June 25, 2010
A hot suace that I guess lights your shit on fire and blast out of you ass sizzling as it hits the water in the dumper.
That ass blaster sauce really packs a punch.
by Chaos July 20, 2003
a dude who fucks chicks so damn hard in the ass they get owned
dude i blasted this chicks ass last night
by awesomeman January 15, 2005