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one whom mentions butt sex way too often and/or loves to make references to the homosexual lifestyle
by the frito bandito April 04, 2004
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Basically the same as assbandit but also suggests the person might have a big mustache and a sombrero. Also insinuates that they might be poor as well as gay. Like the mexican banditos of old.
(your being relentlessly pestered by a friend)
you: Fuck off you assbandito!

friend: Oh no ! Now everyone knows im gay and poor!
by Lewis McCruden July 10, 2008
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a man who prefers the male of the species. in other words... he is a raging homo. those folk who like boys, the folk who would bash your bottom at the drop of a hat.
Hey, that guy is an ass-bandito. cock, that guy likes the old bit of the ass-bandito monster. you suck ass-bandito.
by adam and steve December 03, 2004
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