Another word for booty
Another name for an ass.
Shake your booty tonight on the dance floor.
by zara irani April 13, 2009
An insignificant amount of something. The object in question is placed in the blank. Comes from the term ass change
Girl 1: I just ate a whole box of cookies!
Girl 2: How many cookies are in a box?
Girl 1: 10.. but they're big cookies!
Girl 2: That's it? That's ass-cookies!

Dude 1: I had to read so much for SOSC last night
Dude 2: How much?
Dude 1: 40 pages of Marx' Communist Manifesto
Dude 2: Thats it? Dude, that's ass-Marx.

Floridian: It's so cold outside!
Chicagoan: What's the temperature?
Floridian: 40 degrees with wind-chill
Chicagoan: That's not cold, that's ass-weather!
by Danny_bro_chill November 25, 2007
Alcohol Sadness Syndrome is a condition where the effects of heavy alcohol consumption causes sadness and depression the following day.
I feel like A.S.S. today because of all the alcohol I consumed last night.
by Amanda Alonso September 27, 2006
a rude person
That guy was such an ass
by Asshead February 17, 2003
Also known as a donkey; can be used to describe, or name someone's rear end; also can be used to describe how someone acts.
Dam, that girl has a nice ass!
by PANDA <3 October 16, 2014
Justin Bieber
(Person A) Ass. (Person B) Stop naming bad singers!
by theurbandictionarylover April 29, 2015
N' Titties!
I love Ass n' titties
by Nate@n October 25, 2014

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