1. A fool
2. What donkeys are called
3. Another term for tail
4. Another term for the human's butt, buttocks, bottom, buns, or heinie
5. Another term for a person
1. You're an ass!
2. Villagers riding asses.
3. They're on my ass!

4. Go kick his ass.
5. I'm going to arrest your ass.
by Heckler The Dragon June 23, 2016
Suffix. When added, accentuates the extreme of the word coming before.
Baracka-flocka flame's one hood-ass nigga.

I'm a rich-ass nigga.
by Baracka-Flocka-Flame December 07, 2010
1.Using the word at the end of a sentence or randomly to make yourself sound cool or funny.

2.Using the word around the wrong people and getting bitched at for using it.
1.Man: Ass!

Other People: ha ha that was funny.

2.Man: okay so how was your day? Ass!

Woman: It was okay, but was that necessary? Just because you say that doesn't make you cool.
by Christopher eckelstien February 06, 2010
A donkey
A ass took a big shit
by 12yrold June 17, 2016
An animal that hee-haws.
That ass is loud.
by Pwilip May 23, 2016
1. Your butt. Everyone has one.
2. Someone annoying or rude
1. Ryan: My ass hurts after that bus ride

Luke: So does mine
2. Rachel: That guy was a total ass!

Isaac: I know
by Its_True13 November 12, 2015
1) The soft, fleshy part of the human body below the back and above the legs, used for sitting on. Often seen as a sexual object.

2) A person who is rude, mean, stupid, douchey, etc.

3) A donkey.
1) Daaaamn, that girl has a nice ass!

2) Jeez, Peter is such an ass.

3) Before they had mechanical ploughs, they used asses for farming.
by the_secret_cactus September 12, 2015
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