1)general body; when used in im gonna kick you ass
im gonna kick your ass
by Dave January 31, 2004
this is refered to as something going wrong..it makes the situation lively and makes the people around you laugh and makes you feel better.
when you break something at work...drop a bagel on the floor or hit the wrong button on the cash register

your logical response: THIS IS ASS
by Danielle December 20, 2003
A general reflex to disapproval
"Yo, check out that car!"
"Pfft, that is ass"
by Liquid April 17, 2003
The first thing that comes to mind to say when im pist at someone
You Ass!
by I have seen the promise land April 11, 2003
1.a hot piece of.
2. a dickhead.
3. having sex
i got some ass last nite. the guy was an ass, but he was a nice piece of ass.
by nappyafrochik April 05, 2003
Awesome Super Spectacular.
Dude thats so ass
You are ASS!
by Master of Words May 10, 2008
Short for "Arrow Stomper Sex", such as the activity that two dance simulation gamers like DDR/ITG/or PIU players do when they are horny together.
"Hey heard you won the ITG tournament"

"Yeah and I had ASS on a Dedicab"

by Tanya K. [T-A-K-A] October 01, 2006

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