adj. utilized by urban youths to describe cowardess esp. in the midst of an altercation
D-Rugz ain't trying to throw hands wit' me; he ass.
by Keefo Brown May 10, 2006
a part of the body that produces shit
Mom Can You Wipe My Ass?
Kiss My Ass!
by Red X December 14, 2005
(v. to ass, p.p. assed). The spiteful act of placing your bare buttocks(male, female, or misc.) upon an inanimate object owned and used by an offending party. Also see Crotch.
I am going to ass the hell out of Bob's stapler.
by The Mad Haberdasher April 20, 2005
The backside

a stupid person
(_!_) = Normal Ass
(__!__) = Big Ass
(!) = Tight Ass
(_?_) = Dumb Ass
(_E=MC2_) = Smart Ass
(_$_) = Rich Ass
(_x_) = Kiss My Ass
(_X_) = Get Off My Ass

I know someone else already posted these but they r cool
by Zelda March 27, 2005
1. The derrier, as said by the french
2. Sometimes used as a world to connect adjective to noun (see examples)
Damn! That's one fat-ass sack-a-weed, man!

Holy shit, homi! Tony's got himself a nasty-ass hoe right thurr!
by Ant Johnston August 03, 2004
1. a donkey(probably from an abbreviation of jack-ass).

2. the buttocks, the hindquarters, the posterior.

3. the anus, =asshole.

4. a stupid person, a jerk.
That guy got his ass kicked when playing video games with his freinds.
by Light Joker July 21, 2004
1) butt cheeks are the keeper of the anal hole

2) convenient place for storing things especially drugs
1) Shut your face or I will break a toe off in your ass/keeper of the anal hole.

2)Pedro has three pounds of hash hidden in my ass.
by Sara and Emily March 28, 2004

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