Used to describe something that sucks. See buns, bundies, buttcheeks.
That party was aiight til the po rolled up and cleaned it out. And I lost my car keys. This night is ass.
by k.g. y'all December 11, 2005
The backside

a stupid person
(_!_) = Normal Ass
(__!__) = Big Ass
(!) = Tight Ass
(_?_) = Dumb Ass
(_E=MC2_) = Smart Ass
(_$_) = Rich Ass
(_x_) = Kiss My Ass
(_X_) = Get Off My Ass

I know someone else already posted these but they r cool
by Zelda March 27, 2005
n. Another word for buttocks or hind quarters.
n. reference to sex
I'd like to get a piece of ass
by Rod Johnson March 10, 2005
1) a donkey
2) an idiot
3) the rectal area
1) He's riding on an ass.
2) Doctor Thorn is such an ass.
3) The natal cleft is the medical term for the crack of your ass.
by GuidoPosse69 February 20, 2005
a.) Slang term for the fatty deposits on a person's buttocks. Asses come in various sizes, ranging from 0 (none to speak of) to 10 (morbidly obese), with the average being somewhere around 5 to 7.

b.) A donkey.

c.) An obnoxious or egocentric person.
a.) I have no ass, so I'm trying to find some padded panties.

b.) That ass may look tame, but he packs a wallop.

c.) Tiffany is such an ass. She talks about herself all the time.
by MissionDoll November 13, 2004
1)The thing your thong goes up.
2)An insult to your friends
1)Damn what's up your ass.
2)Derek you're such an ass.
by Harry Cox April 03, 2004
acronym meaning 'after school snack'
lets go get some ass after class.
by kneegrow December 20, 2003

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