1)noun. Slang for the "buttocks or butt" of a human or animal
2)noun. A donkey or mule
3)noun. A stupid person (see asshole or jerk-off)

1)Holy shit! Look at the ass on that biznatch!
2)That ass is hauling way too much wheat.
3)My boss is an effin ass.
by Johnhizizzle February 12, 2006
Verb: To insert a unpleasantly shaped item, often under duress, into one's own anus, either for storage or concealment.
Ass the weed man, ass the weed! They's comin!
Bitch, are you for real?
by Curtain October 09, 2005
in hebrew slang, it's the equivalent to "as hell", "very" or "a lot", ussualy when it comes to bad things or bad feelings.
has another hebrew equivalent - "rockets".
"yaron, let's go out tonight!"
"leave me alone, i'm tired ass".

"look at this cute guy!"
"him?! he is ugly ass!".
by Barak Vazan March 24, 2005
I think everyone should watch ASS on Fuse
by pancit_fooL January 03, 2005
booty, buttocks, behind,
damn she got a fat ass booty
by rita December 22, 2003
A butt, coitus, a fucker. Or, a donkey. Mostly used as an insult.
Shit comes out of my ass. . .bullshit comes out of my mouth.
by ASSHOLE! July 07, 2004
a pseudo unit of measure implying that there there is a lot of the item in question.
I have an ass of homework to do tonight.
by Thev=Kale November 20, 2003

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