Attention Seeking Syndrome. When someone makes an idiot of themselves by crying and shit just to get attention, the tears would never be real.
*Girl runs out crying*
Friend: What was that for?
Me: Nothing, she has too much ASS
by FrankieCocozza'sFuckBuddy February 09, 2012
(v.) to ass

To situate one's buttocks in a particular place for an extended period of time, typically while engaging in another activity.
"I had to work on my science project in the office this afternoon, so I assed the office chair for five hours straight."

"I spent last night assing my couch, watching The Breakfast Club and eating ice cream."
by zenju108 January 13, 2012
A word with many meanings, usually used to mean the buttocks.
1.) Buttocks
2.) Donkey
3.) Short for "assassin"
1.) Kiss my ass, yo!
2.) If a man is pelted with rocks off of his donkey, is he stoned off his ass?
3.) Yo dawg you chill for Ass Creed?
by sircaleb11 December 26, 2010
a large amount; an abundance
"There was an ass of bitches at the party."
"I had an ass of beer last night. I was wasted!"
by gtrip92 March 30, 2010
A donkey. What were you thinking the definition would be? Sicko.
"Put that ass onto the trailer so it can help pull."
by MyLifeIsAverageRULES November 24, 2009
1.A foolish person
2.What all men cant get enough of
3.J-Lo puts the ASSSS!! in arse
Hav u seen J-Lo's ASS lately! I swear, its gettin BIGGER by the day!!
by Bendover hahahahaha! March 04, 2005
the butt
Chloe has the sexiest ass...
by anonymous99073 May 10, 2004

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