loved by gay men everywhere.

everyone who likes to give it up the ass is destined to be gay.
"i want to give it to my girlfriend up the ass"

"dude. your destined to be gay"

"dude. i said GIRLfriend"

"yeah. ok"
by DiamondSerpant March 26, 2007
a word meaning donkey commonly used in the Bible, and causes a giggle in Religion class.
"though shall not covet thy neighbor's ass."
by liz April 26, 2005
my ass - the big round thing where shit comes out of!
billy touched my ass last night while we were having sex!
by tezzruh March 10, 2006
The process or act of being an ass; a person who represents or looks like an ass.
The ass called Selway gave Eugene a good time last night.
by Eugene Wong September 16, 2003
A donkey.
What to do with an ass: Feed it milk, give it carrots, spank it if it doesn't sit in position, ride it.
"Honey, I have a carrot I can give to your ass today if you don't have any left."
by fab5ive August 11, 2003
an adjective, used to decribe something bad
that guy is so ass.
by But Man Prang January 11, 2003
A word that is very commonly used by Hussam, Moh, and Ray. It first originated from a 'noob' in a game called RuneScape when he was begging for money and screamed out "I WANT MY ASSING 100M!"
Ray: Lol you got owned by riot shield noob

Hussam: Stop being an ass!


Hussam: lololol just grenaded your zombies

Moh: ass you


Moh: you look like an ass head

Ray: no u
by Iraqi-predator August 13, 2010

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