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Appetite Suppression Stick. A cigarette
During the fifteen minute break, James went outside to smoke himself an ass.

Damn dude. I only have one ass left. We're going to have to slpit it.
by Zitro715 January 30, 2011
Vagina number 2 Back door.
Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.
A piece of shit place.
Fuck you! I'm not going there. That place is ass!
by Dr. nakanutzoff September 11, 2008
Geting some pussy from a girl, bitch, or a hoe.
I'm boy to get me some ass dawg
by Baybegirrl313 August 02, 2005
Attention Seeking Syndrome. When someone makes an idiot of themselves by crying and shit just to get attention, the tears would never be real.
*Girl runs out crying*
Friend: What was that for?
Me: Nothing, she has too much ASS
by FrankieCocozza'sFuckBuddy February 09, 2012
Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, and Sting (The initials of Adams, Stewart, Sting)
Have you ever heard A.S.S. singing All for love?
by AGreatBigFan November 06, 2010
(Adj.) A "Ghetto" Slang primarily used by those of "Ghetto" decent, aka "Hood" ---- When something is "Wack" or when something or someone sucks at something.

Can be used when describing someones Lack in what they are doing, or have done. or to describe anything.
1) the lakers were ass when they played against OKC thunder.

2) This food is ass ! (referring to the nasty tasting food)

3) (kids playing catch and one of them drops it) Damn yo, your ass.

4) Male 1: yo, heard you guys played football friday with a bunch of people. was the start QB from the school team there?

Male 2: yeah, we thought he was going to be good, but he was ass.

5) (playing loud music and speakers blow out)

M1: damn these speakers are ass.

M2: shouldnt have gotten them at walmart.

M1: walmart is ass.
by FDPShadow May 05, 2010
a large amount; an abundance
"There was an ass of bitches at the party."
"I had an ass of beer last night. I was wasted!"
by gtrip92 March 30, 2010