1. Behind (Usually a Females)
2. A rude Man
3. A donkey
1. Wow, that girl has some beautiful ass there
2. He was such an ass to me
3. My ass is so stubborn it won't carry my bags
by Lgl4life June 06, 2014
A mushy hemisphere deep towards the south of your body usually bisected into two perfect halves by an equatorial meridian. International Rape Line divides it into two separate times zones according to which inlet & outlet of substances in regulated.
Judy: whats the time jennet?
Jennet: well the watch says 7 o'clock but I'd rather follow my own time zone, the Ass I mean, according to which its still 20 minutes to 7.
by JohnConstantine_Enigma March 04, 2014
The best thing in the world and can be big small or middle. Can result in Anal
Woah dude look at that Ass!
by DaBESTPERSON October 16, 2013
Where Red Foreman always threatens to shove his foot into
"My foot is about to drill a hole in your ass"
by The Last Angel October 17, 2011
N. 1.The greatest thing in the world (when on a woman). 2. The only thing that will get you through the years of 12-16 because women's chest won't develope enough in those years so their asses are your solution. 3. Just.....just.....wonderful.
2. I'm glad she's got a nice ass 'cus high school would suck if she didn't.
by Love to Ass Munch May 25, 2011
ass is an animal
arse is anatomical
you ride an ass sitting on your arse
by ausdicto June 21, 2010
(Adj.) When something is "Wack" or when something or someone sucks at something.

Can be used when describing someones Lack in what they are doing, or have done. or to describe anything.
1) the lakers were ass when they played against OKC thunder.
2) This food is ass ! (referring to the nasty tasting food)
3) (kids playing catch and one of them drops it) Damn yo, your ass.
4) Male 1: yo, heard you guys played football friday with a bunch of people. was the start QB from the school team there?
Male 2: yeah, we thought he was going to be good, but he was ass.
5) (playing loud music and speakers blow out)

M1: damn these speakers are ass.
M2: shouldnt have gotten them at walmart.
M1: walmart is ass.
by FDPShadow May 05, 2010

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