-Ass is the suffix you add onto the end of a verb to emphasize the verb itself. It is a commonly used American slang term.
Guy #1: "Hey you wanna come see Twilight with me this weekend?"

Guy #2: "No way, I'm not going to see some corny-ass vampire movie!"

Example 2

Guy #1: "Hey check out that girl over there."

Guy #2: "Damn, that is one fine-ass chick!"
by ImCasey January 08, 2010
Alliance of Smokers who Smoke
I love me some ganja plus some camels after a bowl. I belong to A.S.S.
by The Great Brandini July 10, 2008
1) Has the ability to make wind and break wind.
2) A convenient place for storing prized possesions if you are that fat.
3) A extremely stupid person.
4) A person that has the IQ of a potato.
5) A dangerous place when adventured into.
6) A noun usually found in jokes regarding planets.
7) The place of no return!
1) Fire in the hole!
2) Up yours. . .no really.
3) George Bush
4) George Bush
5) Example of said places: Rosie, Larry the Cable Guy, etc.
6) . . . and it was blockin out the sun and everything!
7) No explanation nessecary
by Slatte October 28, 2006
Joke made by Raysel and Guy a few years back.

Now used in the comic pixelz
Guy: God, trunks is such a fag.
Raysel: You can just imagine him popping out of nowhere when a threat comes.
Raysel: <trunks> "ASS?"
by Anonymous July 31, 2003
Your fucking butt, thats all
You have a sexy ass nigga!
by diamondlordnc2 December 02, 2014
A vulgar term for an anus, usually described to females. The words booty,buns and butt have the same meaning and are used on females, but the word butt is a little less vulgar. Ass can also be used to insult and ass is also another name for a donkey.
You have a giant ass.

You are such an ass dude.

Shake that ass!
by IfYouReadMyNameScrewYou June 18, 2014
1. Behind (Usually a Females)
2. A rude Man
3. A donkey
1. Wow, that girl has some beautiful ass there
2. He was such an ass to me
3. My ass is so stubborn it won't carry my bags
by Lgl4life June 06, 2014

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