1. Literal:

— a. A donkey, a jackass.

— b. The posterior of a person or animal, particularly the buttocks.

2. A despicable person, an asshole.

— a. More specific, a stubborn or uncooperative person.

— b. More specific, an embarrassing person, one who has made a scene through clumsy, boorish, or stupid behavior, a jackass.

3. Used in lieu of pronouns, e.g. 'your ass' instead of 'you'; not usu. meant literally.

4. suffix to an adjective

— a. emphasizes the adjective, i.e. bigass

— b. n. a person who exhibits a given quality

5. Sex (see also booty)

— a. The anus and rectum, the asshole.

— b. Sexual activity, esp. coitus with a female.
1a. "Farmer Dean has three asses."
1b. "Why are you looking at pictures of a horse's ass?"
2./2a. "Why are you being such an ass about it?"
2b. "You're just making an ass of yourself now."
3. "Just get his ass to the club, he'll get some."
4a. "They pick up this bigass log, right, like they' helpin' somebody hop a fence and they try to flip that shit end over end. It's crazy."
4b. "He's not just a dumbass, he's a fatass, too."
5a. "You dumped a girl who was willing to lick your ass?"
5b. "With this ride, I'm bound to get some ass tonight."
by David Davids0n October 03, 2009
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Top Definition
(_!_) = Normal Ass
(__!__) = Big Ass
(!) = Tight Ass
(_?_) = Dumb Ass
(_E=MC2_) = Smart Ass
(_$_) = Rich Ass
(_x_) = Kiss My Ass
(_X_) = Get Off My Ass
by Assholes Inc. August 30, 2003
A Place where courageous people do the nasty
by Anonymous December 07, 2002
something i happen to accidentally grab every time i walk by a hot girl.
-oh, my bad
by Urban Dictionary March 17, 2005
Bender's most frequently uttered word.
Bite my shiny metal ass.
by dj gs68 May 13, 2003
1)n. A type of donkey or mule
2)n. a slang term to discribe the buttox
3)n. A stupid or foolish person
1) I rode my ass up the mountain.
2) I'll sake my ass in your face.
3) Stop being an ass!
by Anonymous June 14, 2003
1. Vulgar Slang/Noun. The buttocks or anus.

2. Vulgar Slang/Noun. A stupid, mean, or despicable person.

3. Vulgar Slang/Adj. Very or quite a bit of.

4. Vulgar Slang/Noun. An undesirable place of person.
1. Wow, Michel has a nice hot ass.

2. Man, Randy was such an ass today. He forgot to come to school.

3. Shit, that was a packed-ass club.

3 (2). Whoah, that's a big-ass monster.

4. Man, that place was the ass of the neighborhood.
by RBXfromdashow June 22, 2004
Used to describe a foul flavor or smell, though not directly comparing the offending taste/odor to ass itself, thus creating a "catch-all" category of troublesome sensory inputs.
"Man, this sandwich smells like ass!"
by Thousand June 08, 2004
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