low quality american beer. Or in most cases, american beer. Hell, it can be any bad beer.
damn this (insert crappy beer name) tastes like asswater.
by devillock June 30, 2006
Tennessee delicacy served in only the finest sit-down establishments. A semi clear, semi-odorless, semi-tasteless drink served over ice.
"can I get ya'll somore ass water
by teej October 16, 2003
the water left behind in your ass crack after you get out the shower, and dry off. . you know the"sticky-panty" feeling?
I just got out of the shower, & this ass water is killing me.
by baseddgodess March 22, 2012
Liquid stool (diarrhea) resulting from a bad restaurant experience or a night of draft beer consumption.
Wow...that burrito after eight beers left me with unprecedented asswater.
by h. chinaski May 15, 2004
Water that comes out of surfshorts when leaving a pool (note: fill shorts before leaving pool with as much water as possible)
dude, you just got asswatered!
by asswater crew July 23, 2003
the terrible coffee offered in hotel rooms, especially once prepared. this coffee tastes especially watered down and resembles ass more so than coffee.
wow, the coffee from this marriot that were staying in for our class trip to boston that tastes like asswater.
by Pam January 01, 2004
the water that spray-fully ejects from the ass hole once it has been filled by a forceful current. such currents could include hoses, jets in pools or hot tubs, or faucets.
hey everyone, I just accidentally rubbed up against a jet... watch the ass water that comes out!
by the big purple hippo July 19, 2009

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