When something is so cool, it is 1000 times better than sticking a turkey in your ass.
Dude, that party was ASS TURKEY!!
by Nic Graves May 25, 2003
Top Definition
the act of performing oral sex upon a woman while simutaniously making turkey sounds.
"When I get home from this 6 month deployment to Iraq, I'm giving my girlfriend the ass turkey"
by pete soriano March 10, 2004
when you take a crap so big it feels like a turkey is emerging from your poopshoot
by elgostel December 23, 2009
Moron or dickhead.

Synonym for any other word indicating stupidity that you're sick and tired of using because everyone else does.

Like an assclown but it just flat-out sounds funnier.
Those washed-up ex-football players on those NFL pregame shows are a bunch of assturkeys.
by expletive December 27, 2003
The act of vigorously licking a hot chicks butthole, all the while making Tom Turkey sounds! Gobble, gobble, gobble
While many girls may deny it, they all ask for more ass turkey!
by EOD4me August 13, 2011
noun. A person exhibiting rudeness with an overabundance of stupidity.
Brian ditched me on our date and stuck me with a $143 restaurant tab. Assturkey!
by SnglLifeSucks April 16, 2008
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