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(noun) One who displays moronic, rude, or asinine behavior, often for an extended period of time.
Sarah: On my way here I was almost killed by some guy that cut me off!
Nick: What an ass trophy!

Did you hear John forgot his kid at the gas station? That guy's the Stanley Cup of ass trophies.
by QueenSarBear November 15, 2011
(1) Atrophy of the ass.
(2) Extreme weakness of the buttocks.
When sitting too long, the buttocks can become numb and the butt muscles can stop working properly therefore resulting in what is known as 'ASSTROPHY'.
"Dude! I am totally experiencing asstrophy right now."

"Apparently he had to quit working as a truck driver because it gave him asstrophy."
by trippd333 January 31, 2009
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