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The sexual act whereby anal sex is immediately followed by vaginal sex without any hygienic measures taken inbetween.
I was watching a porn where this girl was willing to perform ass to pussy sex.
#atp #atm #ass to mouth #sexual practices #double dip
by mrcomputerwiz August 09, 2006
Something you do not want to do and should not do!!Besides being a nasty sexual act, it is downright dangerous.
99.9% of women whom have tried this or practiced this method of sexual intercourse have developed HPV or HIV disease according to Medical Journal of studies on CDC fact sheets.

It will all starts with some less worrisome symptoms such as (Vaginitis) e.g: { itching or burning and later, a discharge follows by a very pungent odor} that's when those bacterias are fully active at work and turning from a stage one Candidiasis to a stage three Trichomoniasis.

The insertion of any objects not to exclude: (Fingers, Dildos, Penis, Fruits or Vegtables ,Etc.) into a female anus/rectum and transferring into the Vagina will transfer Bacterias that vaginal acids can not disslove and wash away,therefore it puts the person/s at a very high risk of illnesses and diseases.
1.It's like Women wiping their Ass holes back to front, smearing and all......., that's ASS TO PUSSY.

2.You may as well put your finger into your own ass ,take out your own feces and insert it into your own Vagina and that would define the term Ass to Pussy!!!!!!

.......... and Yes ,my thoughts exactly!!!
#ass to pussy #from your ass into your pussy #misspellings: (ass 2 pussy #aas two pussi #asspussy #assipussi)
by Lorena B. August 17, 2009
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