A homosexual especially particulaer to taking anal sex.
Johnnie Boy takes any more strange tonight he'll turn into an ass taxi,
by Knukles November 06, 2009
Top Definition
When someone's behind is so large that it would require a seperate conveyance to carry it around.
An electric cart available at Wal Mart or other large retail outlets for obese pigs to carry their wide load butts around the store.
"Junior! Run into the store and go get your mama an ass taxi,
while I find a handicap spot."
by jsd96321 January 05, 2012
1.) Someone who exceeds the limits of being a normal asshat. See "douche canoe."


2.) Any vehicle filled to capacity with a group of complete and total asshats. Typically seen in the form of white bros in a shitty midsize sedan with inexplicable super ghetto rims. In other words, douche inherited his dead grandma's Mercury and wants to look street.
It's totally okay to disagree about politics. You don't have to be a total ass taxi about it.


Check out Slim Shady and his boys over there - rockin that busted ass taxi.
by Drumby July 07, 2016
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