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1. Explosive diarrhea that covers the interior of the toilet bowl in human waste.
After an all night drinking binge I had ass sneeze.
by Capt_Z May 01, 2003
The act of involuntary expulsion of air out ones asshole, to pass gas, to have flatulence,
After the chili cook off the finalists all had a bad case of the ass sneezes.
by 2trout September 14, 2013
A sudden, abrupt bowel evacuation. During the two seconds of literally emptying your entire intestines, you visualize the world's fastest train sucking through a long tunnel. "shhhhhlurp-bam!" 200mph like a sneeze out your ass.
"OMG, that STD medicine worked hella fast, but I almost didn't make it to the toilet before I had an Ass Sneeze!"
by Ominous Front July 28, 2009