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a chic who lets just about anyone fuck her in the ass.
yo that bitch tinas an ass slut, she let all six of us get up in her ass last night.
by ass slut lover! December 07, 2003
A male or female submissive whose ass and hole are their hot button.
Look at the way he wiggles that ass around when I touch him. Surely must be an Ass Slut.
by bronson2 May 17, 2008
1. A Person of the homosexual preference
-since their sex usually involves ass
2. A Whore in general
3. Someone whos face looks like an ass.
1. LOL, Randy that Ass Slut is checking you out

2. There was an Ass Slut walking along Main Street.

3. UGH! Don't look at me Ass Slut
by Jake Ballou April 11, 2008