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Tight, stretchy pants meant to show-off one's ass. Typically worn by college hoochies out clubbing.
Anna is so hot in her ass pants.
by Miguel Sanchez July 02, 2003
A word used in Beck's train of thought surreal song Hotwax from the album 'Odelay'. His train of thought was kinda Kenny Rogers, barflys and stretch wrangler jeans in the mood to impress. Eeewww....
Silver foxes looking for romance
In the chain-smoke
Kansas flash dance ass pants
by Bozlog November 25, 2006
An assbag so extensive that it has to be made into an entire pair of pants.
Lou couldn't remember to empty his assbag frequently enough so he needed to get fitted for a pair of asspants. What a rod.
by BGLou January 29, 2004
Pants that has the back end or seat of them cut out where it will show your bare ass. Ass pants are always worn without underwere.
Often worn by queers.
Also worn by women when they want to show off there ass to men.
Look at Kathy in those ass pants!
by Deep blue 2012 December 22, 2009
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