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one who perpetually attracts assholes or, in a more positive light, one who is able to easily get laid.
1. Dude, all your friends are're such an ass magnet.

2. Dude, I saw those chicks hitting on you last're such an ass magnet!
by SAN2LAX March 08, 2005
Someone perpetually stuck to their boss's ass; toady; brown-noser; syncophant
Dude, John is such an ass magnet. If the boss stopped dead in his tracks, they'd have to pry John's nose out of his ass with a crowbar.
by rolltide55 January 09, 2010
Someone who attracts people who are assholes.
Derek is such an assmagnet.
by JDogg February 04, 2003
1. Something/someone that attracts asses.
2. A person who does no work in a game, yet who sticks to you, to run in and grab loot while you are busy fighting.
3. Polipugget's level 91 Lord on Diablo II's USWest server.
1. Why must I be surrounded by assholes? What am I, some kind of assmagnet?
2. Fuck off, thieving assmagnet, go get yourself killed.
3. AssMagnet is really strange.
by puggles April 17, 2003
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