Top Definition
One who gets on your last nerve
Damn, My history teacher is an ass gobbler
by Big Goy June 08, 2004
One who excessively sucks anus to the extent that it makes his breath smell very shitty.
Man, Delbert is a real assgobbler. He's so full of shit that his breath stinks
by Smilin1 April 19, 2010
An insult, meaning eating or stuffing your face full of ass. It can also mean having your breath smell like ass, or just being a gay person.
Brenden is such a fucking assgobbler.
by Lemon February 05, 2005
One who goes by the name of Sergey.
Sergey gets through life by being an assgobbler.
by Panti Gravity March 22, 2005
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