When someone's jeans or pants tag is sticking straight up out of their ass.
Dan was looking good today except for that "ass fax."

Seriously, I don't need to know what he's a size 30 and shops at Banana Republic.
by AisTorn July 10, 2011
Top Definition
Photocopying a picture of your bare, naked butt and sending the picture via fax to someone who deserves it or is getting on your case. A good retaliation strategy for fax spam, or spax.
"Yo, I sent an ass fax to that travel agent that keeps killing trees with his crappy spax."
by Sheila Snyder October 09, 2007
The trail of Toilet Paper hanging from a persons waistband of their pants/trousers/skirt etc. as they leave a restroom.

Normally accompanied by howls of laughter from all witnesses, much to the victims embarrassment.
Oh look, Angela just walked back to her desk with an ass fax as long as your arm
by NYBairn October 13, 2010
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